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Writers Training Program/Literature Production

In order to combat nominalism in Convention and Unions across Africa, AABF organizes programs to train and equip Writers who will write Christian literature in their indigenous context to meet the spiritual needs of the people. AABF also assist in the production of such literature.

Leadership Training Program

AABF organizes capacity building conferences and training programs for leaders. The training is designed to equip apex leaders, pastors, deacons, lay-leaders and church officers on best leadership practices for kingdom growth.

Theological Educators Conference

This conference brings together theological trainers in Baptist Theological Institutions across Africa. The aim is for collaboration in preparing servants of God for the God's service, and also to formulate biblically sound theological positions from African perspective in the wake of modern day theologies.

Church Planting and Revitalization

AABF works to re-establish and restore mutual fellowship and partnership amidst member bodies experiencing internal crisis.

Student Ministry and Children Ministry

AABF works to establish vibrant student ministries in conventions and unions across Africa. Training programs are also conducted to empower children's teachers in order to have a robust children's ministry in Baptist churches across Africa.

Social Ministry

AABF rises up to provide aid to those who are hurting in Africa as a result of civil war, famine, disease outbreak, political unrest etc.

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Africa is a large continent. For effective coordination of work, the continent is divided into five regions. Today AABF unites 69 Baptist Conventions and Unions from 36 countries.